Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boat Project

The final project of the year was The Boat Project. We had to construct a boat from one 4x8' piece of plywood, a pound of fasteners, 60 yards of duct tape, the equivalent of two 2x4's, and paint.

Bayou Day

Toy Project

In this project we had to think of an original idea for a toy and creating it along with the packaging. My toy is called Ro/Cora Tech and it's consisting of a sculpy model of a heart and a square which can be decorated with a variety of attachable plastic parts such as ears, eyes, and lips to make a face.
The packaging is a simple box that includes the name of the product as well as some other shapes that you can find in "stores".

Negative Space

Negative Space: is an empty space between or around the elements of a piece.

"Reclining Dancer", Arther Woods

"Unknown Title", Edward Tufte

"OLAS", NEL Colectivo

"Dancing in Negative Space", Shlebecker

"Looking Back", Peter Callesen

Visual Texture

Visual texture: is the presence of a tactile quality visible on the surface of a piece.

"Mother of Pearl", Jennifer Maestre

"Chimera", Jennifer Maestre

"Junk", Leo Sewell

"In Henri's Garden", Marjorie Schick

"Lichen", Heather Knight


Color: is the property of a piece producing different sensations on the eye based on the way the piece reflects or emits different wavelengths of light.

"Fishtales", Michaella Janse van Vuuren

"Recycling Sculpture", Rony Cragg

"Self Portrait", Tony Cragg

"starcoral", Michaella Janse Vuuren

"Color Comet", Bruce Gray

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Foam Subtractive

Final Product

Here's a picture of the process of making my Clock/Guitar. It was really hard to try to get the shape that you wanted, but it was fun.

While I was deciding which objects to use for my piece, I made a sketch exploring solutions for my final product.

The finished piece is based off of these two objects.

These Clocks.

This guitar

We had to research to find 25 examples of 5 different functional objects in which the form of the object becomes more important than its function.

Alter Ego Mask Project

In this project, we had to create a mask in which represents alter ego.

Here are some sketches I did before starting to make the Mask. My alter ego is a girl who loves fashion but that her natural look is very simple and sweet. I created half of the mask because this girl is not entirely fashion, she loves that style and sometimes use clothes in which represents it. But her real life is a simple and sweet style. I think that represents me, because I love fashion styles but I also love the simple things.


Abstract: art expresses an idea or quality which does not necessarily have a concrete physical representation otherwise.

"Rock", Ken Herrick

"Suspension", Bruce Gray

"The Wheel of Pelton"

"Olympia", Maria A. Hall

"Sharon Hill", Nick Edmonds

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alter Ego

Alter Ego: is a secondary or alternative personality.

"Alter Ego", Gareth Jones

"Alter Ego", Michael Krynski

"Alter Ego I", Dawn Elliott

"Alter Ego", Tony Dow

"Merging Ego", Judith Kindler


Non-Representational: sculpture is not meant to depict any sort of realistic or recognizable objects as a subject matter.

"Tied", Catherine McLeod

Untitled, Kathy Kelley

"Abstract Sculpture", Damon Hyldreth

"Andromeda", Trevor J. Askin

"Abstract Sculpture at Clemson", Blahedo

Anthropomorphic Abstraction

Anthropomorphic Abstraction: is the use of abstracted elements to portray a humanlike form.

David Smith

"Unique Forms of Continuity in Space", Umberto Boccioni

Unknown Title/Author

"The Poetry, The Sea and the earth", Manuel Pereira Da Silva

"Oracle XI", Lyle London